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About Us


I bet you don't like what you're seeing from the image above: A picture of how humans act like parasites and slowly killing our precious oceans and the lives that depend on it.

Today is the time to start and make a change.

We are Clearblueocean, a German-based company that aims to achieve a plastic-free, clear blue ocean. We deeply respect this unique and wonderful blue planet. We truly believe that one step towards restoring and saving life on Earth is to start with protecting our oceans.

We aim to provide you with fancy and stylish accessories that are designed to show your love for the ocean and the life beneath it. While doing that, we want to do something for the ocean and the marine life as a whole.

Plastic pollution and industrialization are overtaking our seas and causes a major threat to its marine life, water quality, coastal areas, and our beautiful beaches.

You can join us on our campaign by donating to the Foundation. Buy what accessories you want and a portion of your purchase will be donated to the Foundation. We have gorgeous and elegant pieces of jewelry like bracelets, rings, chains, keychains and something for your ankles. Most of our products are handcrafted and made with environmental-friendly materials.

Get started by clicking on this link and get a free limited edition ocean wave ring! We send 100% of your payment (excl. shipping) to a non-profit foundation.

We donate 5% of our profit to the charity foundation every year!

You can find a list of our partner non-profit foundations here:

Become a wavemaker today!

If you have any questions, you can reach us through Messenger by clicking on the "Message Us" button located on the lower right corner of the screen.

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