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Plastic to Fuel Conversion

Plastic to Fuel Conversion


"In 35 years as a boat captain Jim Holm have witnessed a steady decline in ocean health. Plastics are a large part of that enviro damage and in 2004 he began a journey to see what we could do that makes a difference.

Plastic pollution often results from poor or nonexistent recycling options or the lack of motivation to bother trying. Most plastics are recycled when it is profitable to do so, and the price varies with the petroleum market.

The Olean Ocean Foundation learned about plastic to fuel conversion in 2009 and began their education process about the technology and the options available. P2F creates far greater value for recycling than the current market.

They discovered that most conversion processes are similar, building sized facilities converting tons per day and that served a small market of corporate clients. 
They were hoping for something small enough to reach smaller communities, and  soon we found it. 

They have set up a relationship with their local College and University to examine the fuel this process creates and wish to share this with their community and local industry in order to insure that this process is safe and clean.

They would like help purchasing a small scale P2F converter to run their tests with school, community and agriculture industry to introduce a profitable recycling option that is compact enough to set up in remote or isolated areas. The profitable aspect of this technology will introduce a motivation to better manage plastic waste, in turn keeping it from our ocean environment."

They could certainly use your support. You can find the idea here:


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